Day 2

Today I followed pretty much the same plan as yesterday, but this time I was fully equipped with 3 blocks of trial and error! The day was going great, I could see a lot of kids totally buying into the importance of math and science, that wanted to get their hands dirty and actually do something, that weren’t afraid of making mistakes because they knew that was part of the process, and that couldn’t wait to get knee deep into the curriculum. Until my last class…

Then it happened.

I found that student. That one student that is going to force me to be a better teacher. That one student that is going to test me and try my patience. That one kid that wants to break me and have me go off on him, just like so many have before (just like I would have last year).

And I accept the challenge!

My job is to not just pass him along, or to refer him every time he ticks me off. My job is to inspire him: to learn math, to put forth an effort, to own his education, and, most of all, to better himself. Clearly, ten years of “traditional” education hasn’t accomplished this. So here’s to creativity and unconventionality!


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