Finally got my physics supplies today, and just in the nick of time. I was running low on activities we could do with spaghetti, meter sticks, tape, and two sets of masses.

I would also like to mention how great it is to have an awesome administration behind you and a good school district behind them. I put in a request for supplies since physics has only been taught once in the past decade at my school and, though it took a while, got all of the items on my list with very few questions asked. It’s awesome when you see school districts putting the students first.

I also wanted to note that after playing with several of my “toys” that a lot of the arbor scientific products were quality items, but also that I was very disappointed with these. I was really looking forward to letting students do some CAPM practicum labs, but these things barely move. There is way to much friction in the axles for them to move freely. I only played with one, but a quick examination of another didn’t look much better. Buyer beware!




One response to “Supplies

  1. I thought about purchasing those but some reviewers made similar comments. Bummer.

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