CVPM Practice 2


Today in class we started working on a modified version of the modeling curriculum’s CVPM practice 2 sheet. I changed in up slightly by moving all of the position vs time graphs from the third practice to the beginning of this one to serve as a review, then had the introduction to motion maps activity at the back. I really liked this series of activities because my students picked up on motion maps quick, while they seemed to need some more practice interpreting position vs time graphs.

In geometry today we talked some more about Euler’s Characteristic and classification of quadrilaterals. We finished the day with the Complete the Quadrilaterals activity taken from Fawn Nguyen who took it from Steward. The students seem to get into this activity, although I still have some that are fighting tooth-and-nail not to have to think critically. Hopefully we can break that, but for some of them it’s looking like its going to be a tough row to hoe.

On another note, one of the biology teachers in the school today came to me and asked me if I could use some Vernier sensors that had been sitting in the biology lab for several years. Uh… Yeah! The sensors have photo gates, force plates, motion detectors, and blood pressure gauges (not really sure how I can use the last item, but never hurts to have them). I was blown away by the awesome find and am planning on using them in a couple of days to get students to act out the motions on given graphs.


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