Monthly Archives: January 2014


Well, I am still on my unit 3 BFPM. I love what the Modeling Instruction curriculum has done for my classroom, but the tradition-side of me is still really thrown off by still being on Forces at this point in the year. However, I do see the bigger picture, why continue to throw inordinate amount of topics at students if nothing is retention is minimal?

Nevertheless, today I had students work on a BFPM Practicum that I, partially, thought of.

Four stations were setup around the room, each with at least two spring scales and a cup filled with an unknown mass of sand.


Students had to go to each station read the scales and determine the angle at which they hung in order to find the weight of each cup.

The students were very involved on even the hardest configurations. The same questions could have easily been assessed through a worksheet, but what couldn’t be replicated was the excitement of the students after they found that they were only off a hundredth of a Newton.