Day 6

Today, we discussed Friday’s assessments in both classes. After that, I introduced my geometry classes to my favorite piece of edtech, Plickers. Absolutely the best thing out there. Gave notes on transformations and then on translations and then used them to formatively assess comprehension.
Physics took the FCI and were introduced to vectors. Most of have had trig and should remember most of the stuff, but it never fails, 80% of the class acts like they have never seen an inverse tangent function. However, unlike usual, this group picked it up quick and moved right into vector addition. I didn’t have a ton of time to model the problem solving process for them, which ended up being a mistake in the end. Next time, no matter how many of them have had trig, I am devoting a whole day to trig review, including a clinometer lab, and having vector addition occupy its own class period.

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