Day 7

Geometry moved at a snail’s pace today through a pretty simple worksheet on translations, but this early in the game my primary concern is to get them to be confident in their ability to learn mathematics and I hope that I am succeeding in that.
In physics, it was time for the buggy lab again. I have done this lab every year that I have taught and have never done it the same way twice, nor have I ever really been pleased with my implementation. I always feel that I am either helping too much or not scaffolding enough, to the point where the activity becomes a pointless exercise in data collection. However, this year I am pretty happy with my implementation. I’ll post more about it after we have completed the activity.
Since I only have 5 buggies and 7 groups I had 1 group at a time taking data in the hall, while the rest of us worked on vector addition problems. This worked out pretty well; although, I do think I am going to spring for a few more buggies next year so that we can all do it as a class.

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