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Uniform Acceleration: Lab Practical

Today in Physics we did the lab practical for the uniform acceleration unit.

The goal of the lab is to catch a small sphere, that is accelerating down an incline, in the driver’s seat of one of my CV buggies.

They start out by finding the acceleration of the sphere down the ramp and then the velocity of the car. After they have done this, I assign arbitrary distances to each group and they had to figure out where to place their cart in order for them to be in the same place at the same time.

All groups succeeded, but one got done a good bit earlier than the rest. I then challenged them to perform the same experiment off of the lab table. What followed was awesome.

The math was quite easy for the group but every thing else gave them grief. In the end they caught the ball in the cart by adhering to all of the calculated values and it was great.